Polaroid Film May Be Dead, But Its Look Lives On

How sad are you that Polaroid is discontinuing its trademark instant film? As much as I love my digital camera, the pictures I take on it aren’t nearly as artful as they would be if I were using a Polaroid. But now I can make all of my snapshots look amazing with the Poladroid Image Maker program (currently only available for Macs, though a Windows version is in the works). Poladroid converts any photo into a Polaroid-like photo, changing the coloring and adding a white border. The makers tried to replicate the Polaroid experience as best they could, so you even have to wait for your photo to “develop” and are only able to convert 10 photos per session because Polaroid cartridges contain that number of exposures. Hooray for pretty pictures that look like they were taken in the ’70s! [Poladroid via The Modern Materialist]

Tags: photos, polaroids