Dominatrixes: Hit Hard, Hit Back

What could torture a dominatrix? Only a bad economy! It’s been a world of pain for the sex workers who have been complaining about the recession. While prostitutes are reporting record business and lay people are doing it like bunnies, the niche market has been beaten down. In an article in the NY Post, Mistress Johanna, who owns the Le Salon De Sade dungeon, blames her woes on the financial crisis coupled with a bunch of recent police raids, in which a handful of arrests were made. The BDSM industry of tease has always operated across the country as a legal trade, since it doesn’t involve actual sex. However, as of late, their legality is being questioned in New York State.

“It’s never been worse. Business is down 70 percent,” says Mistress Johanna.

But when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Back in September, an emergency conference was called to discuss the possibility of a dominatrix union. From the gathering, a coalition called DomPAC was formed to lobby lawmakers to protect BDSM workers’ rights– the hope to eventually offer members a 401K. It looks like they’ve got a new rough line of work cut out for them as they take on the government and drum up some clients. Although, when it comes to professional doms, power plays are their specialty! [NY Post]