Stylista: Still Not Convinced This Is Worth Watching

Back in August I told you “Stylista” would be a must-watch for us at The Frisky, but now I’m not so sure. As I watched “ANTM” last night, I was inundated with promos for “Stylista,” and the CW even aired an unnecessary special preview 10 minutes before the show began. I still wasn’t sure I actually wanted to watch it because I don’t think the world needs another reality show in which self-absorbed, talentless bitches compete for a prize that really should go to someone more deserving. I did watch it ultimately because there wasn’t much else on and will now fill you in on the cat fighting and the pointless assistant tasks. The claws were out from the very beginning of the episode. It was really sad that NO ONE introduced themselves to plus-size Danielle. You could hear birds chirping as she tried to initiate conversation with the other contestants. I’m hoping this was just editing and that the contestants didn’t really ignore her because she doesn’t fit the typical stylista stereotype. Also, Megan firmly cemented herself as the resident bitch when she started picking on Kate just because she shows off her big boobs. Megan even allied herself with DyShaun, and both taunted Kate by calling her “Boobs.” I felt sorry for Kate (and her mammaries) whose confidence was tested when her inappropriate wardrobe was criticized. But then I saw this interview with her and realized she too is self-centered and judgmental. Big surprise, I know!

So “Stylista” is trying to be a blatant rip-off of “The Devil Wears Prada,” right down to judge Anne Slowey throwing her coat and purse onto the front desk. I’m not convinced Anne is really this mean. I think she is totally playing the attitude up for the show. So in true “Devil” fashion, the contestants’ first assistant task was to prepare breakfast for Anne. Since they weren’t given any specifics on her likes, dislikes, or allergies, they just had to pull something out of their asses, er, I mean the deli. Not only did they have to figure out what to serve, but they also had to present it stylishly. Even though Ashlie got lost and arrived back at the office with only two minutes to spare, she won the challenge.

Then, judge Joe Zee critiqued each contestant’s style and challenged them to make each other over. As the assistant challenge winner, Ashlie picked the teams. She gave herself an advantage by choosing the most stylish people for her team. Then everyone was whisked off to the H&M flagship store to create three outfits for each team member that was complementary, office-appropriate and stylish. After the shopping spree, the contestants modeled the new looks in a fashion show and were photographed. Then each team had to create an editorial page that introduced each contestant and their style. Ashlie’s team ultimately won. And Arnaldo’s team was on the chopping block because their page wasn’t Elle and they didn’t follow directions regarding text. Arnaldo was eliminated because the judges thought his style was boring.

Since I’m not sure I’ll watch this next week, what are other people’s thoughts on this show? Do you think it’ll get better? Let us know in the comments.