All The Pretty Boys

Starting tomorrow the prettiest of all the pretty boys, Zac Efron, will appear in “High School Musical 3,” the final chapter in the franchise that made him a star. While we were a little turned on by his performance in last year’s “Hairspray,” we just can’t get over how there isn’t a stray hair on his head, and how perfectly groomed his eyebrows are. Was he born this way, or does he have a glam-squad that keeps him beautiful? We’re inclined to think the latter. Pretty boys are nice to look at, but we don’t think we’d date one for fear that people would take one look at us with them and scream, “Mismatch!” Below, some pretty boy archetypes.

The Prettiest Of All The Pretty Boys: Zac Efron
He sings! He dances! He’s had a six-pack since birth!
[Photo: AP]

The Reformed Pretty Boy: Nick Cannon
Cannon started dressing a lot nicer (read: suits) after getting hitched to Mariah Carey. And look at those chompers — he definitely gets them whitened.
[Photo: Splash News]

The “Tough” Pretty Boy: Wentworth Miller
Miller proves that even a short-haired man can achieve the “pretty boy” look…as long as he has an extremely chiseled face.
[Photo: Splash News]

The Preppy Pretty Boy: Chace Crawford
Crawford is always, always, always photo-ready.
[Photo: Splash News]

The Product Whore Pretty Boy: Diddy
Diddy actually admitted to getting manicures, pedicures, and has his privates waxed.
[Photo: Splash News]