Be The Palin Family For Halloween!

Halloween is fun and all, but it can also be expensive, especially since you’ll probably only wear your costume once. So we put together Palin family costumes that can be shopped from your own closet, a thrift store or from the websites we’ve suggested. The trick is to make sure you can reuse certain items, that way the costume is cost-effective and you’ll have a treat for later.

I Love Fishing Cap, $17.99; Todd Palin Second Dude Baseball Jersey, $17.99; VisAcuity Rimless Reading Glasses, $16.98; Sangria Two-Piece Dress Blazer Set, $60.99; American Flag Tac-Pin, $1

Liz Lange for Target Maternity Dress, $9.99 (Don’t forget to stuff your baby bump.); Redneck T-shirt, $17