The Daily Squeeze: The Man Who Has Fathered 46 Children & The Olsens’ Thoughts On Skinny Jeans

  • A man who has donated a lot of sperm is the father of 46 kids: “A couple weeks ago, I had to inseminate five women in one weekend.” [Vice]
  • A study published in the British Medical Journal found that people who ate until they were full and did so quickly were three times more likely to be fat than people in the “not eating until full and not eating quickly” group. So, people who eat less are less likely to be overweight — genius. [Reuters]
  • The Olsens and designer Karl Lagerfeld think jeans are becoming too tight. “I’d rather stay inside with my friends than limp out in tight trousers,” Mary-Kate said. []
  • Secret Diary of A Call Girl” star Billie Piper gave birth to a boy. []