The Star Trek Movie Cast: Pretty Boys, Goofy Scotsman, & The Perfect Spock

Simcha and Amelia have not kept their love for “Star Trek” a secret on this blog. That’s why they were the perfect people to review the casting for the upcoming “Star Trek” prequel feature film, in which the main characters have been recast with younger, shinier new actors. Do they approve? Find out, after the jump…

It would be hard for any man to suit Captain Kirk after William Shatner. So seriously, how could the producers of the new movie expect a cheese ball pretty boy (Chris Pine), whose career consists of rom-coms, take the helm of the USS Enterprise? Anne Hathaway cast him off in “The Princess Diaries 2!” The new Kirk probably spends more time looking in the mirror than he’s ever spent looking at the stars. He’s a boy; the Enterprise needs a man. — Simcha
Out of all the actors cast in the new “Star Trek” movie, this is the one that got it dead right. Zachary Quinto, best known for playing evil Sylar on “Heroes”, steps into the role as Spock, and we swear, it’s like he did a Vulcan mind meld with original star, Leonard Nimoy, before shooting. We wonder if he’ll also double up by playing Spock’s evil goatee’d twin from the “Mirror, Mirror” episode of the original series. — Amelia
Karl Urban is so hot he makes us think he’s the real McCoy! (No offense to the awesome original actor DeForest Kelly, of course.) With Urban as the cool doctor on board, sickbay is really going to see some action, if you know what I mean. Sci-fi fans will get another chance to crush on Eomer from “Lord of the Rings” and I hope, in his new role, Karl will live up to the nickname, Bones. — Simcha
John Cho, aka Harold from “Harold & Kumar,” will be taking the helm of lighthearted helmsman, Sulu, originally played by George Takai. After watching him aimlessly and hilariously wander New Jersey for White Castle burgers, we’re excited to see Cho given another grandiose mission. We can’t wait to see this smarty-pants in a skin-tight spacesuit! — Simcha
Chief Communications Officer Uhura wasn’t afraid to tackle issues in a mini-dress. Zoë Saldana seems to have a similar on screen confidence to the original actress, Nichelle Nichols. In “Center Stage,” she played a tough girl with grace and I’m sure she’ll be able to cross over to sci-fi since she already has street cred with nerds from her role in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.” — Simcha
The casting of the guy from “Shaun of the Dead” (Simon Pegg) to play our beloved Montgomery “Scotty” Scott is kind of irritating. Yes, he’s lovable in the same kind of way as James Doohan was (R.I.P.) and yes, he’s got the accent…but he’s too cute and boyish! Scotty was a man a man who could drink you under the table, but had the soft heart of a romantic. Pegg is too goofy — will he win us over? — Amelia
When we saw who they cast to play Pavel Chekov in the new film — Alton Yelchin, taking over the role from Walter Koenig — we suddenly realized, “Oh yeah. Chekov was kind of hot!” Hot in that innocent, needs to be brought over to the dark side kind of way. But the question remains — can Yelchin pull off Chekov’s ridiculous over the top accent? He better have practiced his “nuclear wessels.” — Amelia