The 10 Most Influential Women Of 2008: Sarah Palin

The guys at unveiled their list of the “49 Most Influential Men of 2008″ and the results, voted on by their readers, may surprise you. Check out the full list and then, over the next two weeks, check out our picks for the “10 Most Influential Women of 2008″ — The Frisky picked a female counterpart for each of the men in AskMen’s Top Ten. We hope you agree with our choices! Our #10 pick is after the jump…

#10 — Our Pick: Sarah Palin
AskMen’s Pick: John McCain
Love her or hate her (IHTB), Sarah Palin’s impact in 2008 cannot be denied. Three months ago, no one, outside of Alaska knew who she was. Now she’s appearing on “Saturday Night Live” (real and in an impersonation), is the inspiration for this year’s most popular Halloween costume (sorry Amy Winehouse!), has brought rimless glasses and French braids back into fashion, has a porno film based on her life, and, oh yeah, is running for Vice-President. If she manages that last one, she’ll be the first woman elected VP. In the process, she’s energized the Republican Party’s conservative base, has incited serious discussion over what it means to be a feminist, and has the right wing media crying “sexism” for the first time, um, ever. So whether you want her influence to continue on for the next eight years or you hope it becomes a bitter memory on November 4th, 2008 was Sarah Palin’s year.