Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of October 21st 2008


  • Electric Six Flashy
    The Detroit rockers are rolling out bitchin’ tunes and teasing the ladies with tracks like their ode to “Formula 409” and “Transatlantic Flight,” in which they offer to let us use their bodies as a flotation device. Oh, we how want to go down on them!
  • Sebastien Grainger and The Mountains Sebastien Grainger and The Mountains
    Grainger, ½ of Death From Above 1979, has released his second sickly awesome solo record of rock. He beats and honest track with confessionals like “I Hate My Friends” and love songs like “I’m All Rage.”

  • The Dears Missiles
    This Canadian ensemble will endear you to their music, which breathes to the gentle beat of their dreams and reality.
  • High School Musical 3 Senior Year
    The cast of cuties belts out another soundtrack of kiddie classics that we secretly also love.
  • The Whispertown 2000 Swim
    Jaunty tracks by this outfit have a real folk quality, but still maintain their place in indie modernity.
  • Parts and Labor Receivers
    This Beloved Brooklyn band is full of surprises. Their fourth record is more subtle and psychedelic, but it fits their need to sing about sad “Satellites.”
  • Hank Williams III Damn Right Rebel Proud
    The heavy metal lovin’ progeny of two of the greatest American folk singers, III plays classic bluegrass with his middle finger up. He is what he says he is, the “Dick in Dixie.”
  • Of Montreal Skeletal Lamping
    With harmonies like “CSNY” set to synths, glam’s groovy band of upbeat scenesters delivers another pop-tastic record.
  • Kenny Chesney Lucky Old Sun
    Renee Zellwegger’s ex-man makes an album of country songs for resort entertainers to sing poolside.
  • McFly Radioactive
    Straight out of London, their name is cooler than their gimmicky bubble gum tracks like “One For The Radio.”
  • Labelle Back to Now
    The women that brought you “Lady Marmalade” are truly Back to Now, with new club hits. Leave it to Patti Labelle and her girls to still be kickin’ it in their 60’s with a younger man — Wyclef Jean.
  • The Sea and Cake Car Alarm
    Despite the annoyance associated with the name of this album, Chi-town’s shy boys have made a sweet eighth indie record that’s pleasing to listen to.
  • Parliament Funkadelic Mothership Connection Live 1976
    If you want the funk, this is how you get it home.


  • “LA Ink: Season 1, Vol. 2″
    Tattooed temptress Kat Von D leads a team of artists to decorate LA’s hot bods.
  • “The Incredible Hulk”
    Ed Norton plays green giant. Liv Tyler is a total Betty. The movie never caught on quite like the comic book.
  • “Sweeney Todd”
    Tim Burton and his muse, Johnny Depp, team up again to show a throat-slitting hairdresser who can really sing. Dark, just like we like our men.
  • “Halloween”
    Rob Zombie’s twist on the twisted horror classic. We’re too afraid to watch it.
  • “Sold Out: Threevening with Kevin Smith”
    The director of classics like “Chasing Amy” and the upcoming “Zack And Miri Make A Porno,” Kevin Smith jokes about his film-making experiences to a packed house in his hometown.
  • “Knight Rider: The Complete Series”
    This show is the only acceptable explanation for why anyone would want to do the Hoff.