STD’s: Say It With An E-Card!

Sexual relations are difficult. Telling someone how you feel is nerve-wracking. Breaking up with someone is hard. Trying to talk to someone about what you want in the sack is stressful. But nothing beats the awkwardness that you might have just given a sexy time friend an STD. Even if you desperately want to ignore that partner, you can’t ignore the problem. Thanks to, the non-profit Hallmark for STD’s, you can avoid the uncomfortable phone call and simply send the ones you’ve loved free e-cards to notify them of the situation. They’ve got cheeky postcard slogans like “You’re too hot to be out of action.” All you have to do is select a message about what’s making you catchier than a pop song and you can even notify them of places to get tested in their neighborhood. Best of all, you can send these e-cards anonymously! So, remember, just because you like to spread your legs, it doesn’t mean you have to be embarrassed when you hit a bump. Just be sure to pass the information along!