Gossip Girl: Chuck Bass Needs Love, Not Sex

Last night’s episode was a total re-enactment of the favorite teen movie “Cruel Intentions.” Blair was Kathryn, conniving bitch with a secret sexual side, Chuck was Sebastian, the bad boy with a secret good heart, and Vanessa was Annette, the do-gooder who the bad boy tries to persuade. There was a bet for Chuck to destroy Vanessa, and the reward being sex with Blair. Just like in the movie, there was a bet for Sebastian to destroy Annette, with a reward of sleeping with Kathryn. In the end, the boy wins the bet but decides he doesn’t want the girl. He wants more.Chuck Bass, deviant millionaire teenager wants more? Yup, evidently he just wants somebody to love, or rather somebody to love him. Don’t we all? Just when things are getting scorching in Blair’s bedroom — and I’m not talking about the roaring fire or overabundance of candles — Chuck asked her to say those three words, eight letters, just like Blair had asked him to do in the premiere. But she wouldn’t do it. I don’t really blame her, the creep broke her heart, but dammit won’t these two just get it on already? I don’t think I sucked in a breath when they were on that bed together. Their obvious obsession and desire towards each other is just plain ridiculous.

Okay, I need to remind myself that this is fictional. But can we please just give these two their own show? I could watch an hour of these two just making eyes over an hour of Serena, Dan, and Nate. Anyway, Back to Chuck and his lack of love. It’s clear by his interactions with his father, Bart, that there was NEVER any love in his life. When his father says at their family breakfast that they’ve “made some changes” Chuck’s assumption is, “I get more money when you die?” Plain awful, but as revealed in prior episodes, Bart hardly cares for his son and Chuck has never had a mother. No wonder thie guy pushes everyone away and has such a dark (sexy) soul.

On another front, Dan found a friend in Nate and Eric found a boyfriend. Good for them. Lastly, is Rufus, who let Jenny drop out of school to pursue her fashion career, the only “good” (and I use the term loosely) parent on this show? Lily and Bart obviously are lacking, Eleanor is absent, and Nate’s mother lives in the Hamptons while her 17-year-old son spends his nights in a sleeping bag, hidden away in their house that’s been seized by the government and has no running utilities? No wonder these kids act so much older than they are, they raise themselves!