Sarah Palin: The Most Sexist Of Them All

This weekend, Sarah Palin finally made her much anticipated appearance on “Saturday Night Live”, showing up in two skits written just for her. To tell you the truth, it seemed like the show was actually laughing at Palin rather than with her — the second skit, featuring Amy Poehler rapping, was seriously pretty…insulting. Additionally, the “highlight” of the first sketch was when Alec Baldwin told Palin that she was “hotter in person.” Considering her campaign thought Tina Fey’s portrayal was sexist, it was very interesting that she participated in a comedy routine which only focused on her physical appearance. Personally, this just supports my theory that the most sexist treatment of Palin comes from Palin herself.Sarah Palin exudes a very controlled and purposeful sexuality that she definitely uses to excite male voters — and it’s working. Though, John McCain says that Palin was selected, “as a counter to the liberal feminist agenda”, Palin actually has higher approval ratings with men. The NY Times had a story this weekend about how Palin’s strongest support is from men, who routinely cheer her “hotness” at rallies. The Times goes on to say that many conservatives are tiring of lack of substance. “She doesn’t think aloud. She just …says things,” Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan wrote. “She does not speak seriously but attempts to excite sensation.” But Palin’s staunchest defenders remain the Joe Six Packs — no wonder she gives them so much love in her speeches.

I have no problem, necessarily, with women using their sexuality to assist them in following their dreams and achieving their goals. But I do have a problem when that’s all they have — in other words, when there’s no substance behind all the va-va-voom. The winking and waving and blowing kisses at the Vice-Presidential debate was only made more bothersome when Palin’s responses didn’t give much insight into her views on the economy, the war, health care, education, or any of the other major issues that she would be in charge of as Vice-President. It was as if the former Beauty Queen was actually giving token Beauty Queen answers. “What issue do you care about most?” “World Peace.” Sigh. Sarah Palin truly is the political equivalent of the Pussycat Dolls — all faux girl power haphazardly masking a silly, inane, thoughtless, but totally dangerous ambition to get to the top, despite not being sure what she’ll do when she gets there.

So, Sarah Palin can crow all she wants about sexism and the mainstream media, but the fact that she has answered very few serious questions since being selected at the VP nominee — and has criticized one of the few she has deigned to speak to, Katie Couric, as “annoying” — shows she would rather wink, smile, wave, and blow kisses at crowds filled with Joe Six Packs with their d–ks at half mast than be taken seriously as a candidate. And that is the most sexist display I’ve seen during this election, and the result is a massive step back for women. But hey, it’s gotten her this far in life, hasn’t it?