Crazy Celebrity Dreams

Last night, I had the most glorious dream. It didn’t involve me making out with anyone, but there was a celebrity in it. I dreamed that Michelle Williams and I became total BFFs. We met at a dinner party, where she took my number. Then, we started hanging out, and, eventually, she even let me babysit Matilda while she was presenting at the Oscars or some awards show.

Amelia has had some rather pleasant dreams, as well. Once, she dreamed that she was Rihanna’s understudy. She had to perform in place of Rihanna, and then she got it on with Chris Brown [FYI, it was totally a threesome. — Editor]. No doubt she had watched this video before going to bed.

Now, we want to hear your weird celebrity dreams. Send an email to [email protected] telling us about the strange star-filled thoughts that filled your head one night, and we’ll post our favorites on Thursday. Sweet dreams!