Boo-tiful Halloween-Inspired Jewelry

Sure, dressing up for Halloween is fun and all, but buying a costume that you’ll wear for one night seems like a waste of money. We suggest you put together an ensemble from your own closet, then splurge on a little piece of jewelry that invokes that spirit of the season but can be worn all year. Diamonds make spiders seem a whole lot more appealing, don’t they?

1. nancyrosetta Sterling Silver Ghost Post Earrings, $21; Sterling Silver Ghost Pendant, $22 [Photo: Etsy]
2. Iwona Ludyga Itsy Bitsy Spider Earrings, $430 [Photo:]
3. BeadsInTheBelfry Along Came An Arachnid Sterling Silver Earrings, $45 [Photo: Etsy]
4. ANORIGINALJEWELRY Silver Spooky Arch Back Cat Necklace, $38 [Photo: Etsy]
5. Below14th The Scream Necklace, $36 [Photo: Etsy]

1. Bittersweets Baby Vamp Ring, $195 [Photo:]
2. LittleAngelsJewelry Acrylic “I want to suck your blood” Necklace, $10.99 [Photo: Etsy]
3. Leviticus Vampire Necklace, $69 [Photo: Etsy]
4. bluembrownlee Bitten “Twilight”-Inspired Glass Ring, $12 [Photo: Etsy]
5. Bittersweets Baby Vamp Charm, $50 [Photo:]

1. nancyrosetta Sterling Silver Bat Necklace, $42 [Photo: Etsy]
2. AllegroArts Silver Origami Bat Earrings , $20 [Photo: Etsy]
3. studiohalo Black Acrylic Bat Ring, $10 [Photo: Etsy]
4. julep115 Sterling Silver Bat Pendant, $18 [Photo: Etsy]
5. ANORIGINALJEWELRY Sterling Silver Bat in the Belfry Necklace, $44 [Photo: Etsy]