Five Reasons You Should Be Watching “True Blood”

“True Blood” is my favorite new series this TV season. I love the show so much that I actually watch each episode twice — once when it airs on Sunday at 9 pm and again on HBO On Demand in the middle of the week, just to hold me over until the next Sunday. Since I’m the only “True Blood” fan at The Frisky, I thought I’d get on my soapbox and let you in on why you should be watching it. Murder, romance and fantasy after the jump…I love this show!1. Stephen Moyer as vampire Bill Compton is both sexy and genteel. Although he was turned into a vampire after the Civil War, he’s maintained his Southern charm and courtesy. He’ll make you long for the days when men said things like, “May I call on you sometime, Ms. Stackhouse?” But don’t get it twisted, Bill is no push-over. He can protect what is his by dazzling the offender or breaking out his fangs. Plus, the relationship between him and Sookie Stackhouse is really romantic because they’re both so inexperienced. She’s never been with a man because she can hear everyone’s true thoughts — except Bill’s. And he’s never met a woman that wasn’t afraid of him or just turned on sexually. Their sexual chemistry draws me in every week.

2. From what I understand, the TV series is very true to the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels by Charlaine Harris. I haven’t read “Dead Until Dark,” the novel executive producer Alan Ball adapted for the show, because I don’t want to spoil the series for myself. Like the novels, the “True Blood” series presents a new take on vampires, who have come out of the shadows to live “normal” lives; what they call “mainstreaming.” You won’t see them turning into bats or wearing capes and crosses have absolutely no effect on them. In this series vampires actually fear humans at times because vamp blood is a hot commodity on the illegal substance market. Trust humans to discover that vamp blood is intoxicating.

3. “True Blood” has really great writing, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. Central to the plot is this serial killer that is going around killing “fang bangers,” i.e. people that get freaky with vampires. Like any murder mystery, the intrigue is figuring out who the killer is. I’m pretty sure it’s not a vamp, but could it be the sheriff? I’m avoiding the fan sites for fear of spoilers. Also, I’ve pretty much figured out that everything in Bon Temps is not what it seems. One of the main characters is a shape shifter and Sookie may actually be a fairy (my best friend spoiled that one for me).

4. The series also comments on what it’s like to be a minority in our society, although it’s done in an indirect way so as not to beat the audience over the head. I mean, people have a valid reason to fear vampires, but does that mean we should take away their rights? Everyone, including vampires, is trying to figure out how to function in the new society.

5. There’s nothing better than a little escapism from our real world problems. You won’t find any references to our tanking economy, federal government or presidential campaign in “True Blood.” Also, you can fantasize about doing Bill Compton, like I do every week. I can’t wait for the sex scene between Bill and Sookie that the previews seem to promise for tonight’s episode.