The Daily Squeeze: Madonna and Guy Hire Female Divorce Lawyers, & Playboy’s Wine Of The Month Club

  • Guy Ritchie and Madonna supposedly each have a female lawyer representing them in their divorce. [WENN]
  • Guys who want dating success should start volunteering. A new study published in the British Journal of Psychology says women put a high value on altruism in their mates. Men don’t seem to care as much about dating a woman who is generous and giving. [LiveScience]
  • There is a Playboy Wine of the Month club, and every month. Each of the 12 bottles features a vintage Playboy cover model image. Oh, and it costs $1,578.83 for the year. [The Modern Materialist]
  • There will not be a He-Man movie. []
  • Supposedly, our brains react so differently when we see our faces with makeup on that it’s almost like seeing a stranger’s face in the mirror. [Lemondrop]