How To Act High Maintenance

Earlier this week, the guys on our IM gave their thoughts on high maintenance women, and I was really shocked to learn that men actually appreciate (at times) a physically high maintenance woman. Emotionally high maintenance women are another story all together. Now I consider myself to be a high maintenance woman, but not in the traditional sense. I like treating myself to mani/pedis and can spend hours in Sephora. And if shopping was an Olympic sport, I’d definitely win gold. But the thing is I like doing all this for myself. I don’t expect my boyfriend to do it for me. I do, however, expect him to wait for me while I get dressed for work or a date because I really don’t like to leave the house until I look and feel my best. Since I can dress in an hour and I don’t have my paws on his wallet, I think I’m really just an average girl with a slight case of high maintenance-osis. But I started thinking…if I really was crazy (let’s call it what it is), what would I do to show my high maintenance colors? After the jump find 11 ways to get in touch with your high maintenance side, too.

  1. Wear a full face of makeup to bed every night and in the morning demand your guy change your pillow case.
  2. You go to bed with makeup on for him, so make him pay your dermatology bills.
  3. Or give yourself an at-home facial, but blindfold him so that he never sees you with goop on your face.
  4. Make sure he has an unlimited texting plan, so you can contact him at all times.
  5. Speaking of contacting him…send him the same message in text, email and IM form that way he’s sure to respond.
  6. Breakdown in tears if he is too busy to answer you. It’s been seconds since you sent that text.
  7. Order a meal, but be very specific about what you want and don’t want, like, only slightly caramelized onions, fresh garlic not powder, and hold the cole slaw, but bring the pickle. (That last one is actually my usual diner request.)
  8. When they get your order wrong, send it back and demand he wait until your proper order is ready
  9. Spend the night and leave your overnight bag at his place in the morning. Then insist that he bring it to you later that evening, so you don’t have to carry it to work. Who cares about gas prices anyway?
  10. Try on five different outfits before going out, but eventually decide on the very first look.
  11. Wear five-inch Do-Me Pumps on a date, but insist that he drop you door-to-door the whole night. Sexiness and beauty don’t have to be painful.