Final Thoughts: Project Runway Season Five

If you want to know what happened on last night’s season finale of “Project Runway,” read Amelia’s liveblog. I was at the gym watching and had to stay on the treadmill for an hour because I didn’t want to leave and miss anything. While we wait to hear whether there will be a next season, and on what channel, ponder the following, after the jump…

  • Leanne is so cute, but why didn’t she wash her hair before the runway show? We realize it was a very stressful time, but her hair looked greasy. Friends tell friends when it’s time to shower.
  • Speaking of friends, we just read Leanne is relocating to New York meaning she could really be our friend!
  • I’m still not sure how to pronounce Korto’s name. However, her collection looked so much better coming down the runway than it does in photos. I am a big fan of the diagonal cross-back strap, but I guess that means no bra.
  • Why hasn’t Kenley talked to her parents much in three years? We want the backstory!
  • Was it just Amelia, or did Heidi really seem amorous last night? She introduced both Michael Kors and Tim Gunn with a certain purr in her voice. Is Seal away on tour? Is Heidi hard-up?