Breast Cancer Awareness Ads From Around The World

As you’re probably aware from the flood of pink that has taken over the world, it’s October, aka Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Don’t think this is some Hallmark-style holiday that only exists in the overly commercialized country we live in. Oh, no. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is worldwide. We poked around the internet a bit and found some awesome ads from other countries supporting the cause. Keep reading to see how the Netherlands, India, and Malaysia promote breast cancer awareness. The video above is from Australia.

The Cancer Patients Aid Association in India had stickers put on fruit reminding women to perform self-exams.

In Malaysia, this sign was displayed to demonstrate that it’s as easy to overlook early signs of breast cancer as it is to skip over the small print. With the tiny font, it reads: “Unfortunately, it isn’t as noticeable as a price cut! 80% of women miss the first signs of breast cancer. Early detection saves lives.”

Mercedes-Benz put an ad in the Netherlands placed this ad in magazines’ September issues. It reads: “Some tests you’re better off not doing yourself. Only trust a specialist’s advice for a reliable mammogram.” (The Dutch Cancer Society decided that they would not recommend women preforming their own monthly breast exams in August.)

Another ad from India reminding women that early detection of breast cancer greatly increases chances of survival.

And, if you’re not at work, watch this truly poignant ad by the U.K.’s Against Breast Cancer organization.