Ask The Astrosexologist: My Pisces Man Is A Prude!

I have been dating a Pisces for four months and we haven’t had sex. He says he is going through a spiritual transformation, which includes no sex. I am climbing up the walls! I know he keeps a dream journal and in it he writes explicit dreams about ME. I do feel we connect and there’s a lot more to a relationship than sex, but it’s hard to sleep next to someone that has a hard on and is having mental sex with you. I care about him, but I have no idea when or if this phase will end. Help! – A Dried Up Libra

So sorry to hear of your sexual demise — but what are you thinking?!!! What you have is a friendship, not a relationship. A relationship involves sex or the promise of it — something you do not have. You are going to have to consider that this guy has issues with sex, as he thinks denying himself of it while he still gets affection from you is going to bring him closer to some form of enlightenment. That sounds like he is getting his cake and eating it too, while you’re going hungry! Understand you’re owed a lot more answers than he is giving. You obviously think something is going on in your relationship and it will lead to something — but do you know that for sure?

As a Libra, you tend to just care about partnership so much; you often forget to check the quality. You need to stop and ask yourself what your needs are: is he really satisfying you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, so much so that you can deny yourself physically? Sure, you can go out and get your kicks with machinery…or would it be okay to have sex with others? Just because he has turned into a sexual anorexic, doesn’t mean you have to. Seems there are so many questions that are not answered, that you need to talk to your man about — not me. Best to confront him right away.

Luckily, yesterday, October 15th, Mercury, the planet of communication, went OUT of retrograde in Libra. This is perfect, as it puts you in the role of boss to confront something that has been nagging you from the past into your present. Although you connect with Mr. Pisces, that is only half of the relationship. Having a good relationship means both parties getting their needs met, not just one setting asinine rules that the other must abide by…So, with that, time to drop the act of understanding matron and take on the role of horny dominatrix!

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