The “Project Runway” Season Finale Live Blog

Heidi-ho! (Get it?) So, in 10 minutes or so, the season finale of “Project Runway” starts. Couple o’ things you should know — I am popping my live-blogging cherry tonight, I’m drinking a glass of wine, and may be temporarily detained paying for the burrito I just ordered. BUT during the commercials, I’m planning on flipping over to the Presidential Debate for little POLITICAL INTERLUDES so that not a second of your precious time is wasted. Oh, and listen up, if you are watching the show with me, please, oh please, contribute to the convo with your comments! It will be fun and make me feel like less of a crazy person, talking to herself. Awesome.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This obviously did not go as planned. We had some server cacheing problems. If it makes you feel better, I was so panicked trying to get this to work, my burrito went cold. Next time we will, uh, have the kinks worked out of this whole “live blogging” thing. And yes. LEANNE WON! (Sorry West Coasters…) 9:57 Leanne…Korto…one of you will be the winner….CONGRATULATIONS LEANNE!!!!!!!!
9:56 HAHAHAHAHA! Bye Kenley!!! She seems pissed. Of course. Girl needs to grow some humility.
9:50 Can Leanne evolve from her one concept? Duh, of course. They do love Korto too….crap, and Kenley, despite being a copycat. Who will win?!?!?!?! Kenley can’t. I will just die. D.I.E. Die.
9:46 The judges loved Kenley’s collection BUT UH OH, the flowered blouse reminds Nina of Balenciaga. Jesus, Kenley.
9:44 Dang, Heidi is horny this episode.

POLITICAL INTERLUDE: Dependence on foreign oil, blah, blah, blah. Nuke talk. Yawn.

9:42 The reviews are mixed from previous contestants, but my gut says that Kenley is out first, leaving Korto and Leanne in the final two.
9:40 Leanne’s Collection: Her collection is so flawless and chic and well-constructed. My one criticism would be sticking to three colors — turqoise, taupe, and white. But her focus really is on shape. If I was still getting married I would wear that wedding dress.
9:35 Korto’s Collection: Dedicated to her daughter.Way more modern and chic than Kenley’s. I really love some of the dresses. The greens are turning out to be gorgeous. And I love the single strap down the back dresses.
9:29 Kenley’s collection: It reminds me of something I would buy at a weird boutique in Santa Cruz…or Austin. Pretty though. Interesting shapes. And she did include her knockoff wedding dress.
9:27 Heidi said Michael Kors name with her sexy voice. Oooh, Heidi ratted J. Lo out for her pathetic injured foot excuse — but Tim Gunn is filling in! Kenley is officially sweating balls.

POLITICAL INTERLUDE: McCain is talking about disagreeing and battling the Bush administration. I think it’s really good they’re sitting for this debate. It made me uncomfortable watching McCain walk so stiffly. Leadership in the campaign! Taking the highroad! The campaign has gotten nasty! Why? Why? Why?! Oooh, the moderator brought up the whole “Obama pals around with terrorists accusation” — McCain is kind of implying that it’s Obama’s fault for not wanting to do town hall meetings. Wait, that doesn’t answer the question. Ugh, where is my burrito?

9:23 Korto is showing A LOT of grass green. Pretty color, but maybe a bit much? Kenley’s outfits are cute, but…crafty. I don’t love crafty.
9:22 Uh oh, one of Leanne’s tops doesn’t fit her model right. Did her model lose 10 pounds since trying it on the first time?
9:20 Kenley’s feathers are OUT of control.
9:19 Final gather round! Hugs!
9:17 Someone’s dog just took a dump on the workroom floor. Lucca is dismayed. The model is trying to pick up the poo IN Leanne’s evening gown. That is so not okay. What if Nina Garcia saw poop on that dress? Leanne would be OUT.

POLITICAL INTERLUDE: Discussion of health insurance and coverage, I think. I am so mesmerized by CNN’s Uncommitted voters chart thingy at the bottom of the screen.

9:09 Makeup: Porcelain doll (Kenley), classic/waves (Leanne), Asian inspired (Korto). Kenley is hating on Leanne’s lack of color, Leanne thinks Kenley’s is Holly Hobbyish and amateur. Tots agree!
9:07 Kenley can’t decide whether to leave the wedding dress out. Dude, leave it out. Why show them something they’ve already seen unless you KNOW they loved it? Korto, meanwhile, is making two new pieces.
9:05 Oooh, Kenley and Tim disagree on the interpretation of the judges critique of her wedding dress. She thinks it’s insulting that they implied she copied. Well ya did Kenley. Oh, and Korto? Kill that wedding dress. It is awful.
9:03 Eww Kenley is kind of getting all teacher-ish. Oh look, it’s that model that Jay had on Season One who was always late. Tim has arrived to critique the looks so far — Kenley is first. I am preparing for a major bratfest.
9:02 So they’re presenting 10 looks — I guess the designers made 12 each, so they have to edit. Off to model castings! Let the claws come out. Korto wants girls with lots of hair cause she doing something with Asian buns. Steamed buns? I’m hungry.
9:01 Ahh bemoaning the loss of Jerrel. But three ladies in the finale. Hooray! Girl power! You know Korto and Leanne are annoyed Kenley is there.
8:59 Lucca, my dog, and I just bet on who would win — Lucca, that idiot, is rooting for Kenley (bitches gotta stick together), while I am pretty sure Leanne has this in the bag.
8:54 Hello! I’m hoping my chicken burrito gets here before the opening credits are through so I don’t miss a second of the action.