Madonna Provides The Soundtrack To Her Own Divorce

With Guy Ritchie and Madonna making their divorce plans official, you know that ho (as always) is going to turn to music to get her through it. Since she’s supposedly has A-rod waiting in the wings, her recovery period will probably only last a couple pop songs. Luckily, Madge won’t even have to search for tunes to express how she feels, since she already sings them! So here is our suggestions for Madonna’s Break Up Playlist featuring songs by Madonna.

“You need so much but not from me/Turn your back in my hour of need/ Something’s wrong but you pretend you don’t see/ I think I interrupt your life/ When you laugh, it cuts me just like a knife/ I’m not your friend, I’m just your little wife.” — ”Till Death Do Us Part” from “Like A Prayer”
This song from 1988 (during her marriage to Sean Penn) is all about a wife wishing her husband loved her more. Sigh, unlike the empowering hit on this record, “Express Yourself,” which encourages a woman with “don’t go for second best, baby!” This song, a mere 2 tracks down, has the woman going back to her blasé husband. Is there still a future for Madonna and Guy? Or will Madonna follow her own advice and “do much better baby on your own?”

“You stayed because I made it so convenient….Please don’t say you’re sorry/ I’ve heard it all before, And I can take care of myself.” — “Sorry” from Confessions On A Dance Floor
Hmmm, is she talking about Guy or herself? Either way, this break up song (and Madonna) is all about not making apologies.

“You say you love me/ You’re thinking of me/ But we’re never together/ Bye bye baby bye bye/ It’s your turn to cry/ That’s why we have to say goodbye.” — ”Bye Bye Baby” from Erotica
This one sounds like it’s about her ex-beau Warren Beatty. But as the saying goes, history repeats itself.

“I still need your love after all that I’ve done…. The truth is I never left you/ All through my wild days/ My mad existence/ I kept my promise/ Don’t keep your distance…. And as for fortune, and as for fame/I never invited them in/Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired. — “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from the “Evita” Soundtrack
Ok, so technically, this song was written by Andrew Lloyd Weber for his 1978 musical “Evita,” about a dictator’s wife. But it was a break through role for Madonna and maybe it can help her through her modern break-up. While at the time it seemed an apropos role for the Queen, today, it still seems relevant, perhaps even apologetic.

“I have a tale to tell/ Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well/ I was not ready for the fall/ Too blind to see the writing on the wall.” — ”Live to Tell” from “True Blue”
This early hit single, used in the 1986 film “At Close Range,” starred her other ex: Sean Penn. Madonna hasn’t just lived to tell it, she’s lived to sing it!

“Do you mean what you say when there’s no one around/ Watching you, watching me, one lonely star…You took my love for granted. Why oh why?/ The show is over, say good-bye.” — “Take A Bow” from “Bedtime Stories”
This is her longest running hit, Ritchie is her longest running marriage.

“And I don’t know who you are/
 And this thing has gone too far/
Is this love?/ 
I think not?/ I want out.” — “Gone” from “Music”
She did a video for this record with comedian Ali G, but this song doesn’t sound like a joke!

”You were my lesson I had to learn/ I was your fortress you had to burn/ Pain is a warning that something’s wrong/ There’s nothing left to try/ There’s no more places to hide/ There’s no greater power than the power of good-bye.” — “The Power of Good Bye” from “Ray Of Light”
Just as Madonna went spiritual, she met Guy. Sadly, now there relationship is going down in a blaze of glory and it’s of nearly biblical proportions.