Fashion Emancipation: The Mantyhose

Remember when we posted about men wearing skirts and some of you were concerned that guys’ legs are just too hairy to carry off the look? Well, Project E-MANcipate! has a solution: mantyhose. At the forefront of E-MANcipate!, a project “to accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item,” is a push for hosiery manufacturers to create pantyhose designed specifically for men. “Don’t buy female pantyhose at all,” the E-MANcipate site urges. “Don’t strengthen those companies who don’t produce/sell male pantyhose. Buy male pantyhose. Do help with your purchasing power to those who are on your/our side.”

So, why are the men behind the project so adamant in their desire for mantyhose, so urgent in their need for others to join their side? The site gives three main reasons, listed after the jump…For Sex-Appeal
Mantyhose proponents argue, “Guys could really show off their legs in a manly way, and make the fashion palette more colorful.” Boxer briefs and cargo shorts show off legs in a manly way. Pantyhose? Not so much.

For Their Health
“It helps to improve performance in sports or jobs related to heavy leg loads; it helps to survive long flights, keeps male legs warm during winters or cool during summers (!).” Oh, I hate it when I forget my pantyhose on long flights and end up, you know, not surviving. Oh, and those cool summers when I go without pantyhose? They’re almost the death of me!

For All Kinds of Positive
This argument is kind of a kitchen-sink catchall. “Men will be healthier,” the site states again, and then claims, “women will be happier,” without explaining how, and “the hosiery industry will explore a new market.” Well, okay, I’ll give them the latter argument.

Look, if guys want to wear pantyhose, then fine, they should wear them! But I just can’t get on the bandwagon of encouraging hosiery manufacturers to direct their energy to creating products designed specifically for men. I mean, not before they figure out a way to make women’s legs look two feet longer first. It’s only fair. [via]