Cosmopolitan Hosts A Bachelor Party/Meat Market

Statistically, there are roughly 3% more men than women in the world according to recent surveys. So, is a good man really that hard to find? Not if you were in attendance at last night’s 50 (or in this case 51) hottest bachelors of 2008 event held by Cosmopolitan at the oh-so-regal club Mansion. Every year, Cosmo filters through thousands of applicants to find the hottest bachelor of each state (our own blogger Leonora Epstein is part of the process!). After the guys are picked, Cosmo readers vote for whom they think is the hottest of 2008. The winner not only gets to fight off every single woman in the room, but also receives $10,000.

Nowhere else on any given night of the year will you find a more diverse group of dudes in one room. There was quite literally something for everyone. For you ladies who are suckers for guys in the saddle, check out Mr. Montana aka Jess Peterson. This cattle rancher truly embodies the phrase, “wild, wild west” but couldn’t be more a gentleman. Seriously, when he shook my friend’s hand, he actually tipped his hat!

Got if for a gamblin’ man who is ready for anything? Then look no further than Mr. Nevada, Keithen Hergott. Let’s just say that some things should not stay in Vegas. This 25-year-old bartender is all about experiencing life and is looking for a girl that can keep up the pace. If you haven’t been to Texas lately, you’re really missing out! Ryan Ahern is a 33-year-old surgeon from Houston looking for a girl with a stubborn streak. Don’t be shy around this one; trust me, the girls were pushing over each other to get on his dance card.

After last night I learned two very important things. First, when in a room with fifty handsome single men and a hundred plus single girls, it is very difficult to get an interview. Second, they’re out there and it’s only a matter of time. If you’re disenchanted with dating never under estimate the power of a straight forward approach and a few frequent flyer miles.