Gossip Girl: This Was A Straight Up Filler Episode

Every television show needs to have that filler episode that addresses the obvious issues that are going to come up, particularly in the case of “Gossip Girl” — Where can they all go to college in order to continue the show? Just like “Beverly Hills, 90210″ and “Dawson’s Creek”, we’re sure creator Josh Schwartz is already worried about how to move his show about high school to the next natural step — college. However, last night’s episode of “Gossip Girl” was highly unrealistic and missing that certain je ne sais quoi that gets me all revved up for Monday nights.First of all, it’s a known and researched fact that a lot of the audience for “Gossip Girl” happens to be college age or older. So, sadly, we know the truth about how admissions and recruitment works and too much about this episode was just not on par. For one thing, your parents go with you. For another, no clear headed individual would EVER wear Serena’s bra-less outfit to meet with a Dean of Admissions.

Speaking of fashion, who the hell dressed Blair for this episode? She’s supposed to be sophisticated, not dowdy. She would never wear that “Elle Woods On Her First day At Harvard Law” awkwardly hideous get up. Blair would wear a suit, similar to the black one she went to confession in after she got drunk at the burlesque club and got de-virginized by Chuck in his limo. Everything about the fashion in this episode was just wrong, from Chuck’s OMG so ugly cardigan at the end of the episode, to Jenny’s dresses that are really just long shirts.

Onto more unrealistic fodder — Skull and Bones and other secret societies do not recruit people until they are incoming seniors. Nobody is going to recruit a high schooler, even one as “cool” as Chuck Bass. Something tells me even George H. W. Bush had to wait until he’d taken a midterm. Next, what college girl is going to take a high school kid she doesn’t even know back to her room to sleep with him in broad daylight? Most college kids just ignore visitors on their campus, and, besides, if you were making out with Nate Archibald, would you stop to ask his opinion about a book? Also, why is Nate such a hit with the older ladies? I don’t get it.

I’d personally be really sad for Yale and its reputation if they were accepting people based on whether or not they make “Page Six”. It’s also rather disgusting that Eleanor would give Blair (who had an eating disorder) an appetite suppressant – Kombucha.

It wasn’t all bad. Things I did enjoy:
1. Nate and Dan’s new found bromance.
2. Serena finally ripping off one of Blair’s headbands and saying she hated it.
3. Dorota saying she heard that Marc Jacobs named a bag after Serena almost made me pee my pants.
4. Lily just intrigues me. She is obviously longing for her past so badly, and I still want to know what was in that damn envelope from the week before.

Luckily, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode which finally addresses the burning sexual tension between Blair and Chuck, with Blair in Agent Provocateur lingerie nonetheless. (I happened to buy that exact set for one of my best friend’s bridal showers.) It all looks very “Cruel Intentions” with Blair as Katherine wanting to take down Vanessa (Cecile) and having Chuck, who could be Sebastian, take care of things, all with a sexual wager. One of my favorite shows channeling one of my favorite movies, what could be better?