Five Skits For Sarah Palin On SNL

Rumor has it, Sarah Palin is going to appear on this Saturday’s episode of “Saturday Night Live”, and while everyone seems to think she’ll end up spoofing Tina Fey’s American Express commercial, I’m kinda hoping she’ll poke fun at herself. Were I talented enough to be a head writer at “SNL” and persuasive enough to be Sarah Palin’s press secretary, these are the five skit concepts I would go with for her appearance on the sketch comedy show. Oh hell, just make her the host!

  1. “Mom Jeans” commercial redux (see original above)
  2. The Target Lady (played by Kristin Wiig) tries to convince Sarah Palin not to shop at WalMart.
  3. “The Cougar Den”: Palin comes on the show as a guest and enlightens the cougars (played by Wiig, Amy Poehler, and Casey Wilson) about what it’s like being a cougar running for Vice-President.
  4. “The Two A-Holes” attend a McCain/Palin political rally, where the guy a-hole (played by Jason Sedakis) has the hots for Palin, while the girl a-hole (played by Wiig) says about McCain, “That guy’s old.”
  5. “Deep House Dish”: DJ Sarah Palin performs a new genre of music known as “Alaskan Inuit Christian Techno” for DJ Dynasty Handbag (played by Keenan Thompson) and his co-host T’Shane (played by Andy Samberg).