Five Signs Levi Johnston Might Not Be Ready For Parenthood

Levi Johnston has been laying low since his big appearance at the Republican National Convention, but, at last, he speaks! Levi had a chat with the Associated Press the other day while standing in his parents’ driveway, saying he isn’t being forced to marry Bristol Palin, and that he’s “looking forward to having him” — the “him” in question is his baby with Bristol, due Dec. 18. But some of the things mentioned in the AP article got us thinking about whether he’s really ready for fatherhood.

  1. He’s Forgetful: While some might say Levi getting Bristol’s name tattooed on his finger is a really sweet sign of his devotion to her, he really did it because he lost the promise ring she had given him and thought he’d lose other rings if he replaced it. So, he might lose other important things, like his child.
  2. He HATES Girls: Levi refers to his future child as “him,” though we haven’t heard the baby’s sex confirmed anywhere. “I’m looking forward to having him,” he said. “I’m going to take him hunting and fishing. He’ll be everywhere with me.” What if he’s a she? Is he still going to take her everywhere with him, or is he going to ignore her and go back to his hunting and fishing?
  3. He’s Already Messing Up With The In-Laws: He’s 18 and isn’t registered to vote, according to the Mat-Su Division of Elections Office in Wasilla, AK, and his future mother-in-law is in the running to be vice president. That is all.
  4. He’s Not Really Into Edumacation: Levi isn’t going back to high school, and is instead working as an apprentice electrician. We suppose this is okay — college isn’t for everyone — but has he gotten his GED?
  5. He Isn’t A Home Owner…Or Renter: It seems Levi still lives with his parents. Will he and Bristol live together once the baby is born, or do they have to wait until they get married next summer?