Commentor’s Ball: Our Five Favorite Comments Of The Week

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say, you bitches crack us up! So in honor of you, our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the Internet, here are our five favorite comments from last week:

(Don’t) Leave Britney Alone!
“bruce buchanan” from Quick Pic: Should Britney Spears Buy These Sunglasses?
There’s a new Chris Crocker on the Internet! When we spotted Britney trying on some wayfarer sunglasses, we decided to play gal pal and asked you guys to give her a yay or nay on buying the frames. What did our friend Bruce say? “britney rules she is the best girl and entertainer ever,bruce.”
Whoa, hope Aretha Franklin doesn’t read this. She’s already pissed at Tina Turner for getting called the Queen!Funniest Realization
The Frisky is all about self-actualizing and learning from each other’s mistakes. Psyche! We’re more about sex, love, and rock n’ roll. However, we can always appreciate a funny couple of realizations in the comments. This week had two notables:
“Christiana” from ”30 Skills Before 30”
She first commented: “i’d like to suggest having a scary, whirlwind obsessive relationship… it’s worth all the pain that comes after.” Then about two seconds later she commented again, “reading that over again it sounds fatal attraction-y…. i meant, a HAPPY/scary,whirlwind passionate relationship in which both parties are obsessed with each other. there. that’s better.”
Hm, that is good advice. But besides dudes and comments, can we also be obsessed with being obsessed?
1st Place
“Randallphobia” from Sarah Palin Sex Doll
This guy sounds like a hilarious handful! He wrote, “For some reason, my wife won’t let me link this to her VERY Republican parents. 
I think that she’s just worried about nothing. Who needs to be invited over to the in-laws for the holidays anyway?” Then just a short time after, he commented again. “However, I am now second guessing as to why I linked it to my mother even if she does lean toward the Democrats. (facepalm) Looking forward to awkward Thanksgiving now!” Well, you and Levi Johnston.

Crystal Ball Comment
“Jenn” from Style On the Street: Marigold Socks
Soon 80’s fashion will be even more over than the decade. Plaid already made a comeback, but according to Catherine, scrunchy socks are hot again too! Jenn admitted, “I had Marigold socks in the early ’90s. Up next? Gigantic poofy bangs?”
We hope homegirl isn’t psychic!

Best Girl-On-Girl Vindication
“Wendy” from Julia Allison Wants You To Withhold Sex”
Mean girls love mind games, but keeping sex from guy doesn’t just mess around with him, it screws you! Everyone is free to feel good….when they’re ready to! And hearing “Wendy’s” story made me feel a lot better about my early 20’s…ok, last night too. She said, “Yep, I slept with my boyfriend the night I met him and we’ve been happily together for 2 1/2 years and plan to have a family and spend the rest of our lives together. Julia’s the kind of woman who probably never farts in front of her boyfriend either.” Pfft!

Best Male Member
”Drew” from Guys On IM: Why Do You All Want To Make Sex Tapes?
We have to say, we Frisky gals are not puzzled about much when it comes to sex, but we have to wonder: what is up with dudes and homemade porn?! While all our IM boys pretended to play coy, Drew chatted us up in the comments. “It’s definitely all about seeing my girl climax, admiring my handiwork, and reliving the moment in the future. Of COURSE I’ve masturbated to my own flick, my wife is totally hot when she climaxes.”
Drew, you not only finally made us want to make a sex tape, you made this future cougar believe in marriage!