Five Tips For Protecting Naked Pics

Naked pictures are a privilege….and a responsibility. Sure, to your credit, you haven’t dated Adnan Ghalib, signed a contract with Disney, or starred on a reality show with the rest of your insane family, so you’re probs not going to wind up naked on TMZ. But there’s always the rest of the Internet! You still want to protect yourself, the ones you’ve loved, and prevent your new lover from stumbling upon your stash. So, how do you properly handle those oh-so-sensitive jpegs? Simply follow these simple tips, after the jump…

  1. Keep It Cropped: Especially if you want to get down and dirty, you may want to avoid including your face in the photo. Unless you’ve got some crazy birthmark, it’ll make your pic unidentifiable, yet still sexy.
  2. The Name Game: Make sure all your photos are in one folder with some nondescript name like “Used To Do.” Also, when titling the photos, use generic words or inside jokes.
  3. Don’t Pass Out: Forwarding along the sexy pic to a friend may be fun, but trust no one! Secrets are sexier when they’re kept.
  4. Flash: It’s best to save the files on a flash drive or CD. You don’t want someone stumbling upon them on your hard drive and portability is always a plus!
  5. No Paper Trail: Do not print out the photos. Unless you have explicit permission to hang them up on your wall, keep ‘em as tiff files in order to avoid a real tiff!