Couple Who Met At Nazi Death Camp Just Celebrated 50 Years Of Marriage

When Herman Rosenblat was a teenager, he was in a Nazi death camp in Schlieben, Germany. Roma Radziki, a girl a couple years younger, worked at a farm outside the camp. The two saw each other on opposite sides of the fence one day and Roma threw Herman an apple. This continued every day, but the two never spoke because they were scared the guards would see them. Then, one day Herman told Roma she wouldn’t see him anymore. He thought he was going to die, but then the Russians came in and liberated the camp, and Herman ended up going to London to be an electrician. Meanwhile, Roma went to nursing school in Israel. Later, Herman moved to America and a friend told him he wanted to fix him up on a blind date. Reluctantly, Herman went, and as he and his date talked about their wartime experiences, Roma mentioned throwing apples over a fence to a boy. Herman said, “That was me” and proposed to her that night. Two months later she accepted, and this year, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. [AP]