Five Sex Writers Who Get Us Off

Tracy Clark-Flory wrote an interesting piece for Salon’s Broadsheet this week about the increasing number of sex writers facing termination at major newspapers and websites like Fleshbot and the Village Voice, saying, “These are scary times for sex writers.” Our own Susannah Breslin says, “Sometimes people become sex writers because they screw a lot, not necessarily because they can write well.” With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of some sex writers who DO write well and should be on your radar, recession lay (offs) be damned!
1. Em & Lo at The Daily Bedpost Writers Em & Lo leave readers wishing they were tied to the authors’ headboards. Their practical and fun forum gives real sex a real girl spin. Starting off as sex and love astrologists and sexperts for, these two have published books and regularly write for Glamour. We heart them.

2. Lux Alptram at Boinkology and Fleshbot With the best sex blog title ever, it’s too bad blogger Lux doesn’t offer a college class by the same name. Her insightful, informative articles are sure to school you in the ways of love and lust, whether you’re a man or a woman. Oh, and she just got promoted to Editor at Fleshbot and made the Heeb 100 — the DOW may be down, but this chick is having a good week.

3. Tracie Egan at Jezebel and One D At A Time Up until recently, Tracie went by the moniker “Slutmachine”, writing about her sex adventures on her own personal blog, One D At A Time — she continued to do that AND more at Jezebel, covering everything from attending the AVN Awards in Las Vegas to her own colonic. Now that she’s engaged and literally only taking One D for the forseeable future, her writing is a little less racy, but still wildly entertaining, honest, and exceedingly funny. I read her blog posts and sometimes really hate her. But it’s only because I am insanely jealous of her awesomeness.

4. Leonora Epstein at Twentysomething Tales Okay so we have a known soft spot for Leo — she writes for this site on occasion and we enjoy her dry wit and adorableness on a personal level. But her writing really is wonderful, mainly because she’s not afraid to bare it all — that’s not to say that her stores are filled with graphic details, but you never get the sense that Leo holds anything back emotionally, and that’s pretty brave AND cool.

5. Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon In addition to covering sex related news, Clark-Flory does an amazing job spinning current news items into thoughtful think pieces that offer insightful angles on otherwise mundane topics. Plus, her video blogs are priceless.