12 Occasions When It’s Okay To Fake It

Everyone knows (we hope) that it’s probably not the best idea to fake it in bed. There are exceptions, of course, as in God, can we just get this over with before “Mad Men” starts? But in general, faking an orgasm just reinforces and encourages behavior that simply isn’t getting the job done. There are, however, times in a woman’s life when it’s perfectly acceptable — maybe even necessary for her emotional well-being — to fake it. For example, it’s okay to fake it when…check the list, after the jump!1. You wear an early ’60s-style dress from Forever 21 and tell everyone it’s vintage.
2. Use “this crazy economy” as an excuse for everything from not flossing to forgetting your mother’s birthday (“Oh God, I’m so sorry…it’s just this crazy economy, you know?)
3. You suddenly develop an “allergy” to your friend’s taffeta bridesmaids dresses.
4. Your main news source is “The Daily Show”.
5. You take credit for the Duncan Hines German Chocolate Cake you bring to the dinner party.
6. Religious beliefs make you a “conscientious objector” to all future wedding invites.
7. You totally agree that that the frog skin headband your boyfriend’s mother gives you for your birthday is “so you.”
8. You have a “bad reaction” to the eggnog at the boring company Christmas party.
9. Can’t make Thanksgiving with the family this year because your slave driver boss is making you update the filing system.
10. You need a little help filling out the plunging neckline in your hot, new dress you bought on sale.
11. You say “Hey…you” when you can’t, for the life of you, remember the name of the old co-worker you’ve just run into at Target.
12. You don a red wig, glasses, and a purple gown with a beauty pageant sash for Halloween and say, “ Well, who do you think I am” with a knowing wink.