Project Runway: And The Finalists Are…

The judges finally revealed on last night’s episode the three designers that will show their collections at Bryant Park. And as I suggested last week, Jerell was unfortunately auf’d. Despite my crush on Jerell, I have to admit that he deserved it. I would have been really embarrassed for him to seriously show his collection, which was more suited as a decoy. Although the final elimination was the big draw for me, the rest of the episode was equally exciting. There was definitely tension in the air when Kenley arrived at the designers’ hotel suite, but the mood lifted once she gave a half-ass apology for her deplorable attitude. Kenley continued to redeem herself by playing hostess to the other designers, serving them champagne. I’m a self-proclaimed Kenley hater, so I’m not sure she was genuine. I think she thought about her actions and was embarrassed, so she wanted to save face.

Of course the judges and Tim Gunn had to throw in a final challenge. But I think that was a little unfair to the designers who were told the elimination would be based on their final collections. They had to design a bridesmaid dress to accompany their wedding dress, but I thought the judges would peek at a few items from the collections and make their decision based on that. I’ll admit, though, that the bridesmaid dress challenge proved much, more entertaining.

None of the designers were pleased about having to create one more dress. They probably thought they would be able to put the finishing touches on their collections. WRONG! Didn’t they watch the show before entering?

Leanne totally rocked this challenge. She said her collection was inspired by waves and it really showed in her wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, but she stayed true to her geometric design aesthetic. The wedding dress was a beautiful ivory and its soft curved pleats created an extremely flattering two-tier affect. The dress seemed to dance around the model as she walked because the pleats swayed so beautifully. The bridesmaid dress was equally exquisite. Leanne continued her wave pleats in this dress, but only on the bodice, making sure the bride would shine. The pale turquoise, which is also featured in the rest of the collection, was a great complement to the ivory.

I also liked Kenley’s dresses. Although I think Miss Thang is aware what other designers are doing. Michael Kors said her wedding dress was a dead ringer for Alexander McQueen’s wedding dress from his Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Collection. And I have to agree. Her bridesmaid dress was young and fresh and actually looked like something from this century. I loved the royal blue color of this bubble hem dress that looked like it could also be worn for fancy cocktails. The nice Kenley didn’t stick around for the whole episode, though. She said she was pissed when she saw that Leanne and Korto were making short bridesmaid dresses also. And she seemed a little defensive on the runway.

Korto completely missed the ball with both her dresses. She tried to do too much with the wedding dress. There were varying sizes of ruffles, pleats and pintucking on her metallic flax-colored gown. If she would have omitted the weird vesty-thing on the bodice and a few of the ruffles, then the dress would have been really beautiful. Also, her bridesmaid dress didn’t relate to the wedding dress at all, except it was the same color, a no-no even Tim pointed out. He also mentioned that the dress, which originally was a gown also, competed with the wedding dress too much. Since both looked like wedding dresses, Korto dumbed-down the bridesmaid dress, making it shorter and boring. It really looked like something you find at J.Crew.

Jerell also did way too much with his dress. This morning, Amelia said he went crazy with the Bedazzler, and I agree. He put jeweled embellishments under the breasts and on the breasts, and there were these weird wing-things also on the bodice. Also, the skirt of the gown was all wrong. The ruffling could have worked, if the tulle was white, instead Jerell chose a dingy gray. With all the bells and whistles of the wedding dress, I didn’t expect his bridesmaid dress to be so boring. It was a simple strapless column dress made of a difficult to wear iridescent teal fabric.

Although I’m not Kenley’s biggest fan, I do believe she deserved to go to Bryant Park because she makes pretty, wearable dresses. I always knew both Korto and Leanne would make it to Bryant Park because their designs stood out the entire season. [Bravo]