Barack “That One” Obama & John McCain Debate: 15 Random Things We Noticed

Second Presidential debate down, one more to go before we vote in November! Hooray! Last night’s debate between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain was done in the “town hall” style, in which Average Joe (Sixpacks!) asked some of the questions, while moderator Tom Brokaw directed. While mind-numbingly boring at times, most pundits from all the major networks agree — Obama took this one, hands down. But what were the real highlights of the night? My observations, after the jump…1. “My Friends” tally: 23 (McCain 23, Obama 0)
2. “Middle Class” tally: 4 (McCain 0, Obama 4)
3. “Maverick” tally: 0 (hooray!)
4. “That one” tally: 1 (McCain)
5. Speaking of “that one”, pundits on all networks quickly acknowledged the awkwardness of McCain referring to his opponent in such a belittling manner.
6. McCain’s heroes? Ronald Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt. Who?
7. John McCain misquoted the latter of his heroes, saying, “Talk softly and carry a big stick”, when the quote is actually “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. He used the quote in reference to Obama wanting to “announce” that he would attack Pakistan and sarcastically called the idea “remarkable.”
8. Obama then pointed out that McCain singing “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” at an event is not exactly an example of “speaking softly”. It was kind of a “Boo-yah!” moment.
9. McCain’s joke about his needing hair plugs was received with DEAFENING silence.
10. Let’s just say it — poor Tom Brokaw had no control over these two. They both went beyond the time limit on every single answer. Though the time limit was pretty ridiculous.
11. McCain is a pacer while Obama is a bit of a stroller — McCain seemed tightly wound while Obama appeared at ease. Maybe it’s the poll numbers leading into the debate that had McCain on edge, but I guess we’ll see how his performance affects those same numbers leading up to debate number three.
12. I do not mean to make fun of the elderly, but McCain really does move with the swiftness of a 1989 Nintendo video game character.
13. Michelle Obama’s exposed zipper — fashion do or don’t?
14. I liked the color of Obama’s tie.
15. WHERE did they find these “regular folks” to read questions?

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