Best Bad Boys Of Every Decade*

1950s James Dean as “Jim Stark” in Rebel Without A Cause
In this classic flick about a troubled teenager with a drinking problem, James Dean makes everything look sexy from low self esteem to his red windbreaker. Too cool for school, his character, Jim Stark, fights with his teachers, bullies, his dad, his girlfriend, and even the police. We’d kill for 7 minutes in heaven with this blue-eyed star that still makes us swoon.
Honorable Mentions: Elvis in “Jailhouse Rock”, Marlon Brando in “The Wild One”
*Well, since the 1950’s.

1960s Peter Fonda as “Wyatt” in Easy Rider

Sex, drugs & rock n’ roll, Wyatt is the symbol shaggadelic sixties subculture. Riding cross-country on a bike, clad in leather, he looks as good as his hippie ideals. A counterculture icon, we’d like to add ourselves to the list of indecent things he’s done.

Honorable Mention: Paul Newman in “Cool Hand Luke”

1970s John Travolta as “Tony Manero” in Saturday Night Fever

The god of polyester, John Travolta hustled it up on the dance floor and made us want to do disco down in his wrinkle-free pants. From the first second of “Saturday Night Fever,” you can tell by the way he uses his walk, he’s a woman’s man. Although, his character is kinda girlie — he prances around like a prima ballerina, spends all his money on clothes, and struts in street wearing high heels, uh, platforms. Yet, there’s something so manly about this ballsy Brooklynite. Maybe it’s all the visible chest hair.

Honorable Mention: Ron O’Neal in “Superfly”

1980s Judd Nelson as “John Bender” in The Breakfast Club

“Sweets, you couldn’t ignore me if you tried.” Oh, Bender, we only have eyes for you! This scene-stealing stud of Saturday detention is as hot as his temper. Bender has to have the last word, but it’s guaranteed to be a clever wisecrack. We’d put our diamond earring into his fingerless gloved hand too!

Honorable Mention: Christian Slater in “Heathers”

1990s Jared Leto as “Jordan Catalano” in My So Called Life

Covered in plaid and all bad, Jordan Catalano is the kind of boy who could convince you ditch class to let him feel you up in the boiler room. The way that black chocker hits his Adam’s apple makes us want to put our mouths on that enigmatic grunge god.

Honorable Mention: Johnny Depp in “Cry Baby”

2000s Ed Westwick as “Chuck Bass” on Gossip Girl

Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man, but this smooth talking rich kid has got more up his sleeve than in his trust fund. The high schooler spends his time teaching the student body lessons, hiring hookers, and making investments. Who wouldn’t want Chuck Bass to collect interest for them? The way he pierces his lips and lifts his eyebrow makes us want to go for broke!

Honorable Mention: Kierin Culkin in “Igby Goes Down” and “Donnie Darko”