Commenter’s Ball: Our Five Favorite Comments Of The Week

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say, you bitches crack us up! So in honor of you, our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the Internet, here are our five favorite comments from last week:

Best Butt Joke
Scapegoat from “The Monogamist: What Marriage Feels Like”
The Frisky’s awesomest newlywed, Annemarie, said she didn’t feel any different with her ring on her finger. However, “Scapegoat” pointed out, there maybe another ring in married life that might muster some deeper feelings, or as she puts it — “Now you also have to give up the butt.”

Funniest Flashback
from “When to Satisfice Yourself For The Sake Of Your Relationship”
We’ve all fantasized about a gay guy giving up the peen for a lady like us. But “Allison” made a good point about that and our past. “#10 would include Doogie turning straight for me, right? Otherwise, I’m giving up sex to hang out with a gorgeous boy who will never do me, kind of like my first three years of high school.”

True Dat!
Adeline from “Men Hate Our Clutter”
Sure, we women drive men crazy with our figurines, knick-knacks, tchotchke’s, etcetera. But “Adeline” is onto something here — “I find it funny that men are supposedly terrified/annoyed/turned off by all the stuff women collect. Most of the guys I’ve gone out with collect all sorts of crap, ranging from Star Wars toys to Transformers to baseball caps, not to mention dirty dishes in the sink and dirt in the carpet. Talk about major libido killers.”

Best Obit
Katie from “RIP: Rupert, The Adorable Teeny, Tiny Deer”
Everyone on the Internet shed a tear when baby Bambi died just days after it was rescued from its dead mama’s tummy. Waaah! Poetess “Katie” wrote a fitting tribute with her rhyming obit:
“Little Rupert, you left too soon/You needed to stay in your mother’s womb/But she got hurt and went away/They pulled you out so you could stay/You brightened our lives and made us squeal/You were seriously tinier than a banana peel/Your ears so soft, your head so small/I wish you were sitting in my hands like a ball/But you have died, you are no more/You didn’t get to reach two pounds, three pounds, or four/We will miss you, more than you know/RIP you precious little doe.”

Best Adult Film Title
vladamir from “ Exclusive!: Details Of The Sarah Palin Spoof Adult Video”
The Frisky broke news of Larry Flynt’s freaky plans to make a political porno entitled “Nailin’ Pailin’.” While the film is still in casting stages, “vladamir” already had a suggestion for a sequel with a “nemesis angle” entitled “Putin Her Head Down.” Ha!