10 Nude Scenes We’d Like To Forget

We’re all for a nude scene in a movie, but there are some we just want to forget. Check out our list of the Top Ten after the jump, and let us know any we might have missed!

  1. Magda’s (Lin Shaye) over-tanned boobs in “There’s Something About Mary” were a really gross PSA for sunscreen.
  2. Peter’s (Jason Segel) full-frontal in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” was a little much for an opening scene.
  3. Roberta (Kathy Bates) in “About Schmidt” unfortunately let us know that large, droopy breasts can still float.
  4. Sacha Baron Cohen is funny on his own, but watching him and the fat guy wrestle naked in “Borat” made us want to pluck our eyeballs out and wash them with soap and hot water.
  5. Leticia (Halle Berry) and Hank’s (Billy Bob Thornton) sex scene in “Monster’s Ball” was too realistic to be art. [LINK NSFW]
  6. Paul Verlaine’s (David Thewlis) nude scenes in Total Eclipse were kind of pervy because his object of desire was a teenager (Leonardo DiCaprio).
  7. Sethe (Oprah Winfrey) and Paul (Danny Glover) have sweaty old people sex in “Beloved,” set in the post-Civil War era.
  8. Chloe Sevigny was totally hot as Daisy in Vincent Gallo’s “Brown Bunny”, but the infamous blow job scene was really creepy in a “I can’t and shouldn’t be watching this” kind of way.
  9. Kay Amin’s (Kerry Washington) corpse in “Last King of Scotland” proved just how deranged Idi Amin was. He switched her legs and her arms on her corpse, then left her in plain view.
  10. If we really wanted to see a birthing scene, we would have watched “The Miracle of Life”, instead of “Knocked Up”.