Jessica Alba & Hayden Panettiere Really Want You To Vote

Jessica Alba and Hayden Panettiere Voting PSA

Celebrities have hopped on the bandwagon this year in encouraging young adults to go vote. The “Declare Yourself” campaign has just launched its latest attention grabbing PSA, with Jessica Alba and Hayden Panettiere wearing muzzles.
I have to give them props for an interesting approach that definitely got people’s attention, however, I found Alba to be so annoying that I can’t even watch it more than once. The PSA is structured as an infomercial with Jessica selling muzzles, Hayden Panettiere sporting one, and Tristan Wilds talking about how he bought one. Jessica turns her voice into that of an annoying announcer and you will want to slap her halfway through.
While I understand the whole message of not “silencing yourself” I think it is a little extreme and over-the-top. I’m sure there are some people who probably don’t even get it at first. An ad like this isn’t going to make me vote. Seeing a celebrity in a stupid commercial isn’t going to persuade me. It’s seeing the candidates and feeling motivated about issues that I really care about.