The Daily Squeeze: Register To Vote By October 6th!

  • Check out the latest awesome “Declare Yourself” campaign featuring Jessica Alba. Creepy, but cool, huh? Anyway, this is an excellent time to remind all of you that if you are not registered to vote, you must register by this Monday October 6th in most states in order to be able to vote in the upcoming Presidential election. Some states even have a deadline of tomorrow — click here to find the deadline in your state. So don’t wait a second longer — register to vote at
  • Women’s feet hurt more during the Fall because their dogs have spent the previous three months of summer enjoying freedom from closed toe shoes. [Medical News Today]
  • Scary Spice wants to create a reality show surrounding her Catty Couture clothing line. Uh, she has a clothing line? I didn’t realize the Spice Girls were known for their fashion sense. [E! Online]
  • Is Hugh Hefner’s maybe-ex, Holly Madison, trying to score a spot on “The Hills”? She was spotted partying with Lo Bosworth, Frankie Delgado, and Brody Jenner recently. This is going to sound horribly ageist, but isn’t she, um, too old to be a cast member on “The Hills”? [E! Online]