Project Runway: The Cop Out

Looks We Liked: Jerell’s Jewel Of A Dress; Leanne’s Soft Stunner

The designers had to create gowns inspired by photos taken at the New York Botanical Garden. There were a lot of tears on the runway this week, so I guess the producers decided to keep the drama flowing because the judges didn’t eliminate anyone this week. Instead, Heidi said the judges would wait until the collections were underway and would decide who goes to Bryant Park at that point. I didn’t think it was really a hard decision to make. They should have eliminated the designer that has only won one challenge on her own and who makes strikingly similar dresses each episode — Kenley! Not only are Kenley’s designs rather boring (take away the pretty fabric and you pretty much have the same dress), but her attitude also sucks. She started the episode off by ignoring Leanne for her “sabotage” on the runway last week. Kenley, this may be hard to believe, but no one could sell that fugly outfit you sent down the runway. You should just be happy Leanne played by the rules and didn’t bitch about having to wear it. The other designers, in turn, ostracized Kenley, and she wah, wah, wahed about having to fight all her life because no one liked her. The other designers really had no problem displaying just how much they dislike Kenley. When she forgot her tulle at Mood Fabrics, neither Jerell nor Korto offered up their tulle, which they said they probably wouldn’t use anyway. Tim later allowed Kenley to go back to Mood. But she still gave him attitude when he critiqued her dress. You see Kenley can’t take criticism and whenever someone gives her a negative critique, she says that was her intention. Tim told her the scales of the dress looked more reptilian or fish-like, not like the veins of a leaf. She agreed and continued making her fishtail dress that was a little too “Little Mermaid” for my tastes.

Looks We Hated: Korto’s We Love David’s Bridal Frock; Kenley’s Little Mermaid

Now let’s discuss the crying. Korto’s tears started when the judges said her dress was too pageant-like. And they were right. From the front it looked really young and hip, but her choice of beaded fabric sent it straight to the David’s Bridal zone. The judges did however admire her choice of color.

But they smashed Kenley’s gown. Heidi said it wasn’t elegant, to which Kenley replied, “I wasn’t going for elegance, Heidi.” Isn’t elegance the whole point of a gown? The petals didn’t resemble flowers and were truly unflattering. I have never enjoyed someone’s tears more than Kenley’s

On the runway, Heidi asked each of the designers why they should go to Bryant Park and who should go with them. Jerell started crying as he explained that this has been his dream for forever. He, Leanne and Korto said the three of them should show. While Jerell was explaining how Kenley’s ’50s dresses are one note wonders, she interrupted him several times. He basically told her to shut up because she’d have her time. He then gave a double snap and a shoulder shrug to emphasize his desire to show alongside Korto and Leanne.

As you guessed, this is where Kenley’s tantrum continued. She said Korto shouldn’t go to Bryant Park because “classic” doesn’t make a show. Kenley said on another episode that she doesn’t pay attention to what other designers are doing, so how does she know what makes a show? Korto addressed her statement after panel. Kenley said they threw her under the bus, so she did the same. Korto replied that she said nothing about Kenley’s designs, but only answered Heidi’s question. I’ve seen the final collections, and guess what? Classic does make a fashion, as does Korto’s usual innovation.

Although Jerell won the challenge, he and the rest of the designers had issues with construction and time management. His dress was stunning and I loved the layering, but the hems were not even and the gown should have been lined, so that all the fabric would move as one piece. He said he would have lined the dress if he had more time. Leanne’s frock was quite soft, not her usual geometric shape, but I thought the pleats accentuated the models hips too much. And in the back she added a piece of blue fabric that was and looked like an afterthought.

This was the most tear-tastic episode of “Project Runway,” but I would probably cry from the stress of being so close to my dream, also. The judges will stop holding us in limbo next week, until then, let us know your picks for Bryant Park. After seeing the final collections, it’s still a toss up between Kenley and Jerell, to me.