How To Throw The Awesomest Vice-Presidential Debate Party This Side Of Russia

Yeehaw! Tonight is the much anticipated Vice-Presidential debate between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin. We haven’t been this excited for a VP debate since, well, ever! Everyone we know is watching, and chances are, everyone you know is too, so why not use this as an excuse to throw a total RAGER? After the jump, our tips for throwing a positively patriotic debate party.
Palin/Biden Bingo
Download cards for both candidates here and here, or create your own. Every time the candidates mention one of the words on your bingo sheet, cover it with a red or blue (depending on your party) chip.

VP Debate (Non-Alcoholic) Drinking Game: Use red and blue Kool-Aid to keep it patriotic! []

Moose Mini-Burgers: Well, moose is hard to come by for most people and while Palin may kill enough to feed her large family, chances are you’ll have to substitute the moose for beef, turkey, or whatever crap veggie burgers are made of. So use these moose cookie cutters to turn your average burger into a snack Sarah Palin would approve of.
Miller Highlife: Biden wouldn’t have it any other way.
Palin Pink Cosmopolitans: What? You can practically see the Russians drinking vodka from Palin’s house!
Bleeding Heart Liberal Red Velvet Cake: Here’s a tasty recipe for those of you who can cook — otherwise, pick the Southern specialty up from your local bakery.


Heart   “Barracuda” by Heart

Ron Sexsmith   “Average Joe” by Ron Sexsmith

Ween   “Sarah” by Ween

The Jimi Hendrix Experience   “Hey Joe” by Jimmy Hendrix

Pitbull   “Go Girl” by Pitbull

Green Day   “Working Class Hero” by Green Day