Gardasil Required For Young Female Immigrants

If you’re a female U.S. citizen between 11 and 26 years old, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you get the Gardasil vaccine; however, if you are a female foreigner trying to become a permanent resident of the country, it’s not just recommended you get the vaccine, it’s required. This isn’t because the U.S. government thinks that foreigners are going to infect our entire population with cervical cancer. A 1996 immigration law states that any vaccine recommended by the government for its citizens becomes mandatory for green-card applicants. Even the chairman of the CDC’s Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices didn’t realize this was the case when it recommended the vaccine to citizens. Naturally, this requirement, which went into effect August 1, is causing an outrage among many groups and individuals. There are 14 required vaccines that those applying for permanent residency must get, and Gardasil is the only one among them that is not an infectious disease transmitted by respiratory route and considered highly contagious. “HPV can only be communicated by sexual contact…,” said one doctor. “This is not something that endangers kids in a school setting or puts your population at risk.” A government official said the inclusion of Gardasil on the list of mandatory vaccines might be reviewed, which would be good. Why should people have to pay an extra $160 for a dose of the vaccine if they don’t have to? [WSJ]