Sex Sells: How Much Do We Spend On Doin’ It?

Sex sells and we’re all paying the price. Whether you’re a married mom or single and ready to mingle, rendezvous require cold, hard cash, even if you go soft or your date backs off. Kate Carraway, a Canadian blogger for Nerve, decided to go deep and discover the costs associated with satisfying our crotch like lube, internet porn, booze, dates, and gas. She followed a wealth of people, from the $25,000 a year cougar in a long distance relationship, to the hipster computer nerd couple that made $120,000 combined, for a month to track their expenses. So who dropped the most dough?

#1 The biggest spender, a 29-year-old biological researcher looking for love, spent 3.5% of her monthly income pursuing chemistry! Sadly, she didn’t get the most action, she just chased it the furthest. Sigh, we feel her debt.
#2 A yuppie addicted to coffee four by his barista crush racked up a caffeine and spending habit, but still couldn’t work up the courage to hit on her, the poor sucker.
#3 The mother of two who loves her husband, but just can’t seem to have alone time with him despite her new hair-do, a mani-pedi, and even a fresh wax.

Shockingly enough, the cheap ass cougar spent the least! Plus, she complained her man didn’t fork over enough dough to fornicate. Ha! It’s funny that she’s the gold digger in the relationship. Now, who saw the most bang for their buck? The hippie! Leave it to a love child to give it away for free — all this bisexual babe needed was a bike trip, a couple episodes of “The L Word,” and $5 worth of baby wipes. [Nerve]