Poll: If There Really Is A Britney Spears Sex Tape, Would You Watch It?

According to new reports, former Britney Spears boyfriend/groupie/personal paparazo Adnan Ghalib is marketing a Britney sex tape. For the “right price,” he says, he’s looking to sell a two-hour long videotape that stars a pink-wigged Spears doing it in Mexico. He told the Sun: “I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney.” (Stay classy, Adnan!) Vote in our poll and then find out what an expert has to say about the celebrity sex tape phenomenon after the jump. We turned to sex expert and Boinkology editor Lux Alptraum for the lowdown.

The Frisky: Do you think Adnan’s got a real Britney Spears sex tape?

Lux Alptraum:: It’s entirely possible, but I’m heavily skeptical. Unless I saw stills, I wouldn’t believe it. There’ve been so many fakes. There’s so many people crying to capitalize on other people’s names with a sex tape. At this point, you’re not really a celebrity unless you’ve had a sex tape. I mean, Verne Troyer has a sex tape, Colin Farrell, Pamela Anderson has many.

F: Are tapes likes these even a big deal anymore?

LA: I don’t think it’s a big deal. I’d like to see people realize everybody has a sex tape video or photos. This is what people do as part of their sex lives. I’m sure [Britney] has one. Whether or not it’ll surface, I can’t say. The thing for me is that most celebrity sex tapes are the same as the sex tapes you or I would make — and they’re not necessarily going to be good. There is a thrill, if it’s her; beyond that, it’s bad amateur. People who make sex tapes [for a living] think about the viewer; they’re doing it as a stimulating service. I feel like half the thrill of making a sex tape isn’t watching it. Most people get off on the thrill of making it.

F: What do you think a Britney Spears sex tape would sell for?

LA:: Britney would probably go for a lot. I think it would go for over a million. There are companies that trade in celebrity sex tapes. They’ll spend a lot of money to get it.

F: Do you think people would want to see it?

LA: I don’t, actually. I feel like it’s really more that people want to see it for free than go out and buy it. This is a novelty.

F: Do you think celebrity sex tapes have jumped the shark?

LA: I think that as long as our culture sees sex as taboo, it’ll never be dated. It’s the shock of, “Oh, my god. She’s actually having sex.” I think it’s great if it gets people to realize sex is something that everybody does, but probably what’s going to happen is it’s more sensationalism, more titillation, and more gossip. It reinforces this idea of shame, that it’s somehow bad or wrong to have a sex life. I feel bad that she’s being betrayed by a partner, but I also feel that it’s an unfortunate consequence of celebrity that you have to sacrifice your privacy.

F: Is this crossing the line?

LA: I don’t know if there is a line anymore.