Who Should Clay Aiken Date?

Now that Clay is out, he needs some love! But who is the David Burtka to match his Neil Patrick Harris? We ladies at The Frisky, like his surrogate Jewish grandmothers, want to fix him up! Here are the studs we think would fire up Clay:

Lance Bass: Former member of boy band N’Sync, Lance Bass just hasn’t been the same since his break up with the man who helped him come out of the closet — Reichen Lehmkuhl. While Reichen has already moved on, Lance has been a mess! He’s unsuccessfully dating dudes like his married personal trainer (yikes!) and a bad tipping bartender! So he clearly, Sir Lancelot needs someone who will fight for his honor and share his love of highlights. Clay could be his bottled-blonde Prince Charming.

Jim Verraros: The openly gay “American Idol: Season 1” contestant, Jim loudly and proudly sung his heart out. If Clay broke the ice with a Simon/man boob joke, we bet those kids would bond over their “Idol” experiences. Those singers would make a beautiful duet together!

John Amechi:This tall dark and handsome baller was the first NBA player to come out just last year. Since, he’s sadly experienced death threats, so he understands Clay’s biggest fear, reaching out to a fan base that may not accept you. If opposites attract, these two are made for each other! [CBS]

Chad Allen: The former cutie from “Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman” is all grown up and gorgeous. Just like Clay, his sexuality was speculated about until he was forced out of the closet when The Globe published pictures of him making out with another man in a hot tub. Steamy! Now single and a LGBT spokesman, he could help Clay through his own coming out public ordeal.

Perez Hilton: This gay gossip queen already knows everything about Clay! While Clay is proud to be called “papa,” we bet he’d like to call Perez “papi.” If they got together, they would be a total power pop culture couple!