8 Ways To Celebrate National Singles And Unmarrieds Week

Party girl alert: It’s National Singles and Unmarrieds Week! While the title seems redundant, the need to celebrate never is. After all, being a free agent is totally awesome for many, many very sexy reasons. So if you’re flying solo, here are some suggestions for how to honor yourself and this completely invented, yet rad, week long holiday.

1. Get Your Booty On The Floor Tonight: It’ll make your day! Dancing is the perfect way to get your adrenaline up and make the most of the money you’ve spent on booze. There’s just something magical about dry-humping strangers and you, my single friend, are free to do so! If you for some reason don’t feel like getting into the groove, this is the sure fire cure to catch dance fever.2. Babes In Toyland: Try something new to do (yourself). A masturbation technique you’ve never tried before will be like taking on another lover, one guaranteed to bend to your whim! Perhaps one of these could do the trick.

3. Buy A Hunk A Drink: He might not like it, he might love it, but who cares? Do it for Sadie Hawkins! Besides, it’s good karma.

4. Slip Into A Sexy Secret: Panties are even cheaper than me and investment in your future! You know you feel better when there’s something lacey between your legs. So treat yourself to a fresh pair and listen to bodacious single gal Dita Von Teese’s advice. She told Marie Claire, “I love it when you can go about your daily business with the knowledge that you have a little secret of your own on underneath. Lingerie shouldn’t be something you just put on for your lover; you should do it for you. It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.”

5. Sap-tastical!: “Sex in The City: The Movie” came out on DVD during National Singles and Unmarrieds week. Coincidence? I think not! All those rom-coms, Madonna albums, and cute animal sweaters that you’d never admit to liking in front of a man can be yours! Heck, even throw in a pint of ice cream [Box of Mac ‘N’ Cheese for me, please. — Editor] and call it a night.

6. Make a List of All the Single People You Would Sleep With: Because you can! You can have every one of those hotties, theoretically. My mouth starts to water just thinking about all the other pieces of meat on the market.

7. Fix ‘Er Upper: You’ve been meaning to do something to your home. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or simply cleaning a hard to reach place, do it! This is your castle, so it’s a reflection of how you feel about yourself. And girl, we know you take care of your stuff!

8. Swap Meet: Most holidays have some tedious phone calls associated with them. While spending twenty minutes listening to your Aunt Sue talk about her last gyno appointment isn’t a merry way to wish anyone anything, calling a fellow single girlfriend you haven’t talked to in a while is guaranteed to induce giggling! So, smack talk your tall tales from the front lines of the dating game with a sympathetic someone you haven’t talked to in at least one relationship, like an old college roommate or a buddy that lives in another city.