Romance On TV: Grey’s Anatomy Explains Why Men Cheat

Last night’s season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” was two hours long, so there was a lot of time for things to happen. But really, the episode can be summed up in a few nuggets of wisdom, including the one provided by Dr. Alex Karev in the above clip.

  • Men don’t cheat for the sex Just like marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman said on Oprah, men don’t necessarily cheat because they want hot, steamy sex. Mostly, it’s because there’s an emotional disconnect between the two people. Sarabeth’s husband, Michael, didn’t sleep with Sarabeth’s friend Anna because she was hotter than Sarabeth — how good does Bernadette Peters look at 60! — it was because he was afraid to tell her he’d lost his job.
  • Your best friend’s support is required when making big decisions Meredith keeps asking Cristina for her opinion about whether asking Derek to move in is a good idea. Meredith needs Cristina to be her cheerleader even though Cristina doesn’t completely believe in “happily ever after.” Sometimes, you gotta fake support.
  • Having a crush on a friend sucks Lexie is majorly in love with George, who is also her roommate, and she can’t tell him. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?