New Reality TV Show To Feature Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

There’s only one thing I love more than reality television — my gay BFF! We go together like a penis and vagina, except that we don’t have sex, obvi. Now even Bravo wants to get in on our sweet action. Rumor has it, the network that brings you Kathy Griffin and Project Runway has a new reality TV show in the works. According to gossip king Michael Musto, it will be about couples comprised of gays and the girls they love. Although the premiere date has not been announced, I’m already making space on my DVR! I hope this show really helps break down discrimination — and I don’t mean just against homos. The ladies who love the gays often get called hags. As if! Listen, I might not be Angelina Jolie, but I’m sick of being called a paper bagger just because I hang out with guys who aren’t interested in packing my box! And let’s face it, that name is a misnomer in most cases — Margaret Cho, Madonna, Chelsea Handler, Katherine Heigl (pictured at left with her GBFF), and even Clay Aiken’s baby mama are totally slammin’! Speaking of which, I hope Clay and his special lady/womb at least have a guest spot. Still, I wonder what the show will even be like…an “Amazing Race”-style adventure, a style show like “Top Design”, a buddy comedy like “Beauty and the Geek”? Supposedly, the concept comes from a book that contains a collection of essays called “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys”. Well, whenever and whatever it is, I’ll be watching!