Five Catalogs Your Mailbox Will Be Happy To Get

I don’t get much mail, except for the occasional postcard from my mom and the handful of magazines I subscribe to. For the most part, this pleases me because I’m not wasting as much paper as I would if I received L.L. Bean catalogs every week. However, amidst crap catalogs like Just For Redheads, there are gems that so beautiful, you’ll want to live in them.

Even the catalog from French import A.P.C. exudes the easy style you’d assume all Parisians possess. The latest, which appeared in my mailbox a couple weeks ago, comes covered in army green cloth.J. Crew
Bright colors photograph well, and since a large portion of what J. Crew makes is “plum,” “light pumpkin,” or “sour lemon,” everything looks pretty. As an added bonus, the clothes aren’t the only eye candy.

The photographs in Anthropologie’s catalogs are perhaps the most artful of them all. They don’t just show vintage-style clothes; they depict women in appropriately ramshackle chateaus or wheat fields at dusk wearing vintage-style clothes.

Because flights are so expensive these days, you might not have traveled recently. But just because you’re not flying doesn’t mean you should miss out on the genius products like Foot Alignment Socks!

Burpee Seed Catalogue
Okay, I’ve never actually gotten this one, but I imagine that it’s filled with pictures of dazzling zinnias and ripe peppers, which might help you get through the coming winter.