5 Ways To Seek Digital Revenge On An Ex

When a breakup goes bad (when don’t they?), it’s natural to feel angry. There are the obvious ways to express that emotion–egging his car, throwing his belongings out a window, changing your locks. Or, you could take a more subtle and modern approach through technology. Sure, the following tactics might not be entirely legal, but they should serve as some inspiration.

1. Change the name of his shared iTunes library. You know how when you’re on a network, you see music libraries that usually read, “Sally Smith’s Library”? With a simple click on “Preferences” you can switch it to something nasty like “My Music Taste Blows” or “I’ve Got A Golf Pencil In My Pants”. This actually happened to someone I know. She didn’t realize it until she and her roommates were all sitting around one night working on their laptops and one of them asked, “Whose iTunes is called ‘Cheating Jerk’?”

2. Sign up for YouMail.com, which allows you to set custom voicemail greetings for specific callers. When your Ex calls, for example, only he will hear, “Stop calling me, you creep!”

3. Auction his leftover belongings on eBay.com. Be sure to include juicy descriptions of how stupid each piece is and why.

4. Of course, there’s the good old phone number switcheroo. If you can get ahold of his cell, reprogram his numbers so that when he dials “Mom” he gets that racy phone sex hotline.

5. The folks over at SomeEcards.com are whizzes when it comes to sending breakup e-mails–so much so that they have an entire category of e-cards devoted to it. Some good choices include “Take some time to be alone with your penis” or “Just wanted you to not know my new phone number.” Or, you could just take care of the whole deal with one that reads, “Sorry I broke up with you via this ecard.”